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Cranes are wonderful machines capable of lifting heavy loads. Even though they are primarily used in construction, they have many other uses as well. Usually cranes are equipped with ropes, chains or wire ropes.

Cranes are used to lift, tug, pull or move heavy objects. Cranes employ the concept of simple machines to obtain the mechanical advantage required to perform a certain task.

Cranes have made our lives a lot easier. Humans have been using cranes to their advantage for centuries now. The first concept of crane is believed to have originated from the Ancient Greeks which used the power of beasts to perform their tasks.

Cranes have become essential for almost all the industries. Transportation industry also requires the use of cranes, along with construction and manufacturing.  Depending on the use and type of industry, there are different types of cranes. We have Vehicle Mounted Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Floating Cranes, Boom Trucks and various other types of cranes.

While operating cranes, it is essential to abide by all the safety procedures of operating that particular crane. Cranes are very useful indeed but they can also cause serious injuries if they are not handled properly.

We have been fascinated by cranes due to their ease of use and functionality. They are and outside feat of engineering. We’ve always admired the way cranes have transformed our industry.

Due to our passion about cranes, we have decided to start a new blog on cranes. We are very excited about the new blog and you are all welcome to join us here at Crane Cafe.

You will receive the latest news and updates regarding what is happening in the crane industry. You will be able to obtain information about these extraordinary machines on Crane Cafe. We’ll also publish new case studies regarding cranes here. Furthermore, considering the fact that safety is of the greatest essence, we will also post about different safety procedures so that you always stay informed.

Looking forward to seeing you here!