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Some Common Overhead Crane Hazards Tips to Help Avoid Them

Some Common Overhead Crane Hazards and Tips On How to Prevent Them Preventing Overhead Crane Hazards: In any type of industry, the coming together of anticipation and pro-actively handling problems is something, which does result in greater success than just reactively responding to incidents. If an individual works in the world of construction and manufacturing, there are [...]

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Overhead Crane Inspection Guide

Overhead Crane Inspection Guide Being prepared is the best way to avoid an accident, and this is especially true when it comes to overhead cranes. OSHA has found that an average of 71 crane-related fatalities happen each year. In most of these cases, an inspection could have identified the fatal problem before tragedy struck. That’s [...]

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News Update on Crane Fatality in England

Falcon Tower Cranes, the company whose crane was involved in a fatal accident in Crewe, England, has issued a statement naming the victims, who it describes as highly regarded and popular members of staff. The company separately named the make and model of the crane involved. Falcon’s statement says, “Rhys Barker and David Newall were [...]

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