33 Ton Crane at Work

33 Ton Stiff Boom Crane Hoisting Tubing Injector The City of Medicine Hat request the service of Stampede Crane & Rigging Ltd., a division of TNT Crane Canada with crane services Edmonton AB, to hoist a tubing machine to support Maple Creek Endless Tubing for a recent project in Medicine Hat. Maple Creek Endless Tubing [...]

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New Crane Training Facility in Calgary AB

SAIT breaks ground on new facility  November 03, 2016 SHARE: The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) which celebrated its centennial on Oct. 16, marked another historic milestone today — breaking ground on the first new training facility of its second century.The customized training facility will be constructed on an eight-acre lot at 10490-72 St. [...]

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10 Steps to Crane Safety

Human error is the most common cause of crane accidents. This extends to both crane operators and those workers responsible for maintenance and safety procedures. Accidents often occur when crane maintenance and operating procedures don’t keep up with the increasing risks and demands placed on the crane. Many accidents result from a breakdown in communication [...]

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New Spider Lift Crane Purchase

New Spider Lift Crane Purchase In its work platform configuration, the Ragno XTJ 52 has a maximum working height of 52m with 20m outreach. The auto-levelling multi-position stabilizers offer useful flexibility during the machine’s positioning. The Ragno XTJ 52 is designed to convert into a spider crane, by attaching a 500kg winch in place of [...]

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Massive Potain Crane Storage Yard

We believe this is a great news piece concerning the crane industry. However, we also wonder about the impact that a desert and sand climate such as Dubai has on the storage of cranes? Is there a safety impact when you consider the amount of wind and sand and how the crane parts must be [...]

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Cranes are Construction Equipment Not Climbing Gyms

The recent 'climb' in the number of people trying to scale tower cranes in metropolis's around North America is getting ridiculous. As reported by the Barrie CTV news, the numbers are ever increasing. The number of people climbing multi-storey cranes in York Region is a growing concern for emergency crews. On Sunday night, two 16-year-olds [...]

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Lack of Safe Platforms for Work On Crane

LACK OF SAFE PLATFORMS FOR WORK ON CRANE MK 2012-11-22 Major crane hire company erred on work at height precautions A company has been fined after a worker fractured his vertebrae after falling while working on the platform of a crane. High Wycombe Magistrates Court heard how the 54-year-old was working on the platform on [...]

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